This site is a resource for teachers at Middleboro High School to integrate technology with lessons from the nonfiction book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Students and staff have been assigned the reading over the Summer 2013.

The goals for this website are two-fold:
<<tab>>1) to offer ideas and inspiration for incorporating technology into curriculum, and
<<tab>>2) allow teachers to share and collaborate on projects.

Alone we can do so little;                                                                                together we can do so much.

—Helen Keller



One Book : One School : Unbroken : 2013


In an effort to improve reading and writing across the curriculum, Middleborough High School has adopted the One Book One School reading program. This program requires that all grades read the same novel. Students will participate in a day of learning which utilizes the novel on Friday, September 27th. During that day, teachers will use a variety of assessments which center on the novel. Students will only be assessed on the novel during the first semester and should be prepared to discuss the novel at length. It is the hope that students will be exposed to a variety of ways to approach the novel through various subjects. The Middleborough High School faculty and staff invite all parents to read the novel as well as it was chosen with the hopes that parents and students will discuss it over the course of the summer. This year’s novel is Unbroken: An Airman’s Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand.  (From the school’s website: Home ➤ Parents & Students ➤ Summer Reading)


Vote to Short List Titles for 2014

The MHS One Book One School Committee would like your help in creating a “Short List” of nominees for the 2014 Summer Reading Program. All are nonfiction. Only ONE vote allowed. Thank you!

All book covers link to book descriptions at http://www.goodreads.com.

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All books listed here are recommendations for consideration by the website designer and are not intended to be representative of the views of the MHS One Book One School Committee. The final selection may or may not be one of these titles. Poll results may or may not be considered when the committee meets to select a title for 2014. Typically, the choice has been nonfiction memoir. This poll has been designed to invite interaction.

Please feel free to reply in COMMENTS with a nonfiction title you would recommend.